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Are drugs a problem in your life? Have you tried to cut down, or stop altogether, but found you can’t stick to your decision? Maybe you’ve tried to stop taking one particular drug only to find your use of another drug or alcohol rises out of control?

DAA knows how that feels. Its members have had the same struggles; they sometimes desperately wanted to stop using drugs, as it was making life worse, but the thought of life without drugs was unbearable. They realised they were facing addiction and unlike some people, they couldn’t overcome it using either their willpower, the help of friends and family or even professionals.

They each recovered from addiction through the 12 Step recovery programme in DAA. Not only has this freed them from drugs but also from the painful thinking patterns that were making them feel isolated and hopeless. They’ve found a way of living where they no longer depend on drugs to get through the day.

Help from DAA is free and confidential. They are not linked with any government, law enforcement or religious bodies. They have simply recovered drug addicts who help others to find the same freedom.

You too can go on to live a life free from drugs – you won’t need to avoid “triggers” or temptation. All that you need to make a start is to have an open mind, be honest with yourself, and be willing to try something new.

To get help for drug addiction now:

  • Speak to someone who has recovered from addiction by calling our helpline.
  • Come to a DAA meeting to find out more about how to recover from addiction.
  • Hear or read stories written by DAA members describing their addiction and recovery.


A meeting is an event, hosted by a group.  A group consists of two or more addicts who meet regularly with the primary purpose of staying clean.  DAA groups hold meetings at the same time and place every week (or more frequently).  At these meetings its members enjoy fellowship, they identify with people who really understand them, they learn about the true nature of their problem, and they learn how to live without using drugs.  Most importantly, meetings are opportunities for newcomers to find help with their problems.  A meeting is a perfect forum for a group to carry its message that there is a way out of drug addiction.  You do not have to be “clean” (drug/alcohol-free) to attend a meeting.

To find a meeting near you please check their website.

Alcohol counts as a drug – it is a drug in liquid form.   To recover in DAA, you must abstain from all mind-altering substances, including alcohol and other legal drugs.  Therefore, “clean” means not only drug-free but also “sober”.

Contact Details

Helpline: 0300 030 3000 (calls are charged at the normal landline rate)



Other Info

Opening times:
Helpline open from 10 am to 10 pm. Meetings times vary.


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