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Having a mental health crisis means different things to different people.  You might feel so distressed that you want to harm yourself, or someone else.  You might hear unpleasant voices or feel that people are watching you or trying to hurt you.  It could help to tell someone you trust, maybe a family member or a friend.  They can be with you and help you decide what to do.  They can also contact services on your behalf.

If you are in contact with a mental health service:

Types of service offered:

Community Mental Health Team (CMHT): a team of people from different health and social care professions. They work in your community to help you to recover from, and cope with, a mental health problem.

Early intervention: a way of picking up the early signs of a serious mental illness. This is so that treatment can start as early as possible to help people to maintain their mental health.

Home treatment: a way of helping people at home rather than in hospital.

Forensic Services: services for those people who may pose a risk to others and who may have been involved in the criminal justice system. Patients may come from prison or general psychiatric services where there are concerns about the risk they may pose.

Talking Therapies: involve talking in individual or group sessions with a trained mental health professional.

Memory Clinic and service: assessment for those with memory problems to detect earlier dementia.

Art Therapy: art is used as a medium to address emotional issues which may be confusing and distressing.

Contact Details

Main phone: 020 3228 6000/ Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS): 0800 731 2864


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