Bipolar Disorder Research Network (BDRN)

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The Bipolar Disorder Research Network (BDRN) is a group of researchers and research participants in the UK undertaking a major study aimed at investigating the underlying causes of bipolar disorder. The study is funded by two of the world’s leading research charities, the Wellcome Trust and the Stanley Medical Research Institute. Working with their collaborators in Europe and the USA, it is the largest study of bipolar disorder in the world.

The aim of their research is to investigate how genetic factors (such as stressful life events) interact and influence susceptibility to bipolar disorder. It is hoped that by increasing understanding of these factors developments may be made in the prevention and treatment of this debilitating disorder.

BDRN’s current projects focus on bipolar disorder, pregnancy and childbirth and True Colours, an innovative new mood monitoring system. The BDRN is led by the Mood Disorders Research Team based jointly at Cardiff University and the University of Worcester.


If you have bipolar disorder and are pregnant or you have bipolar disorder and have ever experienced an episode of postpartum psychosis and would like to take part in their research/ further information about taking part, please get in touch by emailing them at

Contact Details

Cardiff University: 029 2068 8395/ University of Worcester: 01905 542 880

Via "Contact us" on website/ Cardiff University: University of Worcester:


Mood Disorders Research Team, Cardiff University, Institute of Psychological Medicine and Clinical Neurosciences, 2nd Floor, Hadyn Ellis Building, Cardiff, CF24 4HQ/ Mood Disorders Research Group University of Worcester Henwick Grove Worcester WR2 6AJ

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