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Offers advice and counselling for military servicemen and women and their families. Deals with complaints procedures, applications for discharge, conscientious objection, litigation. Includes casework support.  Can self-refer.

Those who seek help are those that find their personal needs or ambitions thwarted by the strict military regime in which everything is governed by the Queen’s Regulations. At Ease offers those who seek assistance, what is appropriate to them without outside influence or pressure. There is no typical problem; Courts Marshal, requests for discharge, disciplinary or grievance related issues are just some of those which we encounter. In addition, there is a wide range of social difficulties including depression, combat fatigue, dependence on drugs or alcohol, Gulf War syndrome and disputes about pension entitlements.

You are welcome to contact AT EASE at any stage and are advised to do so as early as possible, as most people experience delays and not all senior military staff have been advised of the correct response to, and the legal entitlements of, conscientious objectors. AT EASE is completely confidential.

At Ease regrets that the Sunday helpline and drop-in service has had to be suspended at present.  They can be contacted by email:

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020 7490 5223



At Ease, Bunhill Fields Meeting House, Quaker Court, Banner Steet, London EC1Y 8QQ

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