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Employment Specialist Services

Bromley Recovery Works Employment Specialist services support you to develop your skills in order to help you find employment. We also offer ongoing help, advice and guidance to help you retain and thrive in your job.

Our employment specialists can help you:

  • Write or update your CV.
  • Apply for jobs; complete application forms.
  • Prepare and practice for interviews.
  • Retain your job with continued in-work support.
  • Get involved in volunteering, training and education opportunities.

Recovery Works’ employment specialists have good links with employers in Bromley and beyond, and can assist with access to further education or volunteering experience to help increase your employability. We also deliver employment specialist courses for Bromley Recovery College that are designed to enhance motivation and build confidence.

In 2022, we helped 33 people maintain employment through a crisis, and supported 32 people into employment.

How to access our service

Healthcare professionals

Healthcare professionals can refer individuals to Bromley Recovery Works using the following referral and monitoring forms.

Referral Form

Monitoring form


Adults aged 18 and over and registered with a GP in Bromley can self-refer to our service directly:

Telephone: 020 8289 5020

Email: recovery.works@blgmind.org.uk

Address: Bromley Recovery Works,
Stepping Stones House, 38 Mason’s Hill, Bromley, BR2 9JG

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