A woman being supported to fill in a form

Recovery Co-ordinator service

The Recovery Coordinators service works alongside you to manage and take control of mental health problems.

Your Recovery Coordinator will work with you to:

  • Listen and understand your needs
  • Access helpful community services based on your needs
  • Build and develop your social networks
  • Identify meaningful goals and make personalised plans to achieve them

“It helped me build my confidence. I felt very well supported and understood. It’s been a place that motivated me to continue, and I feel I am capable of moving forward regardless of the setbacks.”

How to access the service

Healthcare professionals

Healthcare professionals can refer to Bromley Recovery Works using the following referral and monitoring forms.

Referral Form


Adults aged 18 and over and registered with a GP in Bromley can self-refer to our service directly:

Telephone: 020 8289 5020

Email: recovery.works@blgmind.org.uk

Address: Bromley Recovery Works,
South East London Mind, 38 Mason’s Hill, Bromley, BR2 9JG

“A person-centred approach is not simply asking people what they want or offering choices – that’s just being polite. A person-centred approach means that all support is guided by what the person wants out of life, and that services are structured in order to make this possible.”

Rob Michael-Phillips, Person-centred Approach Pioneer