We are a registered charity (no 1082972) and a registered company (no 4071152).

We have nine trustees who have devolved responsibility for making decisions and steering the organisation.

As well as full board meetings, which all trustees attend in conjunction with our senior management team, we have a number of committees which have a particular focus:

  • The Finance and General Purposes Committee (F&GP) deals with facilities issues and is responsible for scrutinising financial matters.
  • The People and People Strategy Committee (P&PS) deals with matters around human resources and staff remuneration.
  • The Quality and Performance Committee (Q&P) reviews quality and performance across all service areas.
  • The Developments Committee (DC) is responsible for examining emerging needs and maintaining an overview of service developments, tenders and funding applications and new work programmes.

We are responsible to the charities commission and are required by law to produce an annual report, which is available to the public.

As a local Mind, our membership to the National Mind federation requires that we follow the Mind Quality Mark. This is monitored by National Mind ( and ensures certain consistencies across the federation.